Assistive Technology

The SEEDS Workgroup on Early Education Technology (SWEET) was created in August 2005 to address one of the seventeen topical areas identified by early intervention staff throughout the State of California. The purpose of the SWEET is to connect California's early intervention programs and families to Assistive Technology (AT) resources for young children with disabilities.

Members of the SWEET have collected internet-based information, materials and training designed to streamline access to up-to-date and useful information for EI programs and families. SWEET offers a series of Internet links to more information on AT for young children by providing a categorized listing of websites that have been peer reviewed by the workgroup for appropriateness and utility in an early intervention setting. SWEET developed principles based on research in the field and the DEC recommended practices on AT that was used as a criteria to measure whether the links would be beneficial to early intervention programs.

The links for infants/toddlers are organized into five areas: training, advocacy/information, best practice, assessment, and resources. Also included are SEEDS Visitation Sites that specialize in AT for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families.

The second focus during the 2006-2007 year was to include links that focus on preschool. The links in this section are organized by: classroom environments, peer play, literacy/learning, mobility, AT systems/AAC and IEP/Standards.

The third section includes a series of training modules for programs interested in training staff on the topic and for SEEDS consultants conducting onsite training. The modules are organized into six sections: AT Overview, AT & Communication, AT & Assessment, AT & Emergent Literacy, AT & Play, and AT & Computers.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Sadao, SEEDS program specialist, Facilitator, SWEET at


The links were peer reviewed and are current as of the last website update. Opinions, materials and references to commercial products do not necessarily reflect the opinion or policy position of the SEEDS Project and no official endorsement by the California Department of Education should be inferred.